Where It All Started
"Necessity is the mother of invention"
My Story
My name is JT Anderson. I lived for years with chronic back pain; some days good, some days bad. It was to the point of not knowing what I could do for the relief. Throughout my life I witnessed my Dad being addicted to pain medication. He died early in his life due to the pain medications slowly destroying his organs; affecting his heart, liver and kidneys. 

My pain had become so severe I was ready to do anything for relief. It had become impossible to carry on my daily activities including my work. My  doctor prescribed pain medications, but they gave no relief; they only left me feeling out of it and unable to function. The problem is that masking the symptoms does not help solve the problem. 

Back on Trac started as a solution for my needs with no intention of bringing it to the market place. I was an individual with back issues and wanted relief and was determined to come up with a piece of equipment that would get me the relief I needed.
Ergo-Flex Technologies was formed in 2011 following over two years of initial design of what progressed into our first piece of equipment, the Back On Trac. Today, most of our doctors say that the Back On Trac is the most popular piece of equipment in their practice.
In 2016, Ergo-Flex Technologies brought to our doctors the Knee On Trac, which has quickly evolved into a must have piece of equipment for those who address knee problems. The patient's results being reported to us have been astounding. 
In January of 2018,  Ergo-Flex  Technologies  moved  into  an  area  of healthcare described as oxygen therapy. The Total Brain & Body O2 is a tool that will not only help the patient, but also gather data that can be utilized and shared with your patient to show them their progress.
We have the tools to offer you opportunities to set yourself apart and take your practice to a whole new level. 

-JT Anderson
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